Baby Rescue – Zacapa, Guatemala

In the northern mountains of Zacapa Guatemala, there is always a critical cry echoing through the many villages from a mother with small child who is dying. Once we heard about all those tiny babies and children sick from a lack of nutrition and medical care, our Extreme Rescuers team decided they wanted to join Carlos Vargas, President Hope of Life International in his dedicated efforts to save lives, elevate pain and suffering while there was still time to do something. To date, over 4000 children have been rescued and their lives transformed and forever changed.

Please look at our videos and pictures, so you too can see that is very real, and now you too can help.



Children of War – Congo, Africa

Sunset in Northern Uganda although very beautiful, is a dismal light to a very dark and depressing world for children. News reports have told of the terror of militiamen kidnapping children in the middle of the night. It’s a nightly routine; for children carrying blankets, walking several miles to urban shelters till Sunrise. They are known best as “The Night Commuters”. These stories of children captured are way too graphic to tell in such detail as it would bring absolute tears to your eyes. While security measures are trying hard to help reassure theses children that they’ll be safe, these youngsters are still chained by horrifying memories that torment their minds.

We want to help and we need your help. Please consider a gift of any amount to help rescue these children while there is still time.



Eradicate Malnutrition – Global

Purpose and Goal: Eradicating Malnutrition, Extreme Rescuers is now expanding its outreach to not just saving babies but also reaching out to the world’s most vulnerable children in rescuing them from malnutrition. Vincente Fox, president of Mexico is currently organizing communities within villages to feed children one meal a day for 30 days with the Hope Bar. Our campaign will not just feed children in Mexico but we hope to get other humanitarian organizations involved as well. This can be a global campaign effort with the help of those who will partner with us. If you buy 1 box of Hope Bars, that gift will feed 1 child for 30days, and we will match that. That means we will be feeding two children for 30days. See how powerful that can be?