The Power of Love

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An 11yr old girl was raped by her step-dad in a hidden forest in the northern mountain range near Zacapa Guatemala…it didn’t take long for someone to get the word out, then the search was on to find him.  He was found, and they immediately put him in jail.

Not long afterwards, someone discovered that this little girl was expecting a child.  News spread fast that she needed help.  She was rescued shortly thereafter but soon gave birth to a little girl.

Back at the Rescue Center were some young Guatemalan girls holding and playing with some of the babies who didn’t have mothers.  I couldn’t believe how many were there that day.  It looked like the play room in a church nursery.  I started to walk inside to see the newest rescues that had just come in when I hear a soft voice saying, “hey, you see that little girl standing to the left of you, she’s 13 yrs. old and guess what, that baby she’s holding is her baby”.   I didn’t want to stare but I glanced over my shoulder and I immediately remembered who she was.   Compassion was all I could feel at that moment but I must admit, the thought of her being just little younger than my 14yrs old grand-daughter made me want to do something but not sure what at that moment.  What do you suppose has been going through her mind day in and day out as she looks at her little tiny dark haired angel?   Anger, malice, or bitterness…I’m not sure, but one thing I did see was an amazing love for that baby she held. As I walked over, she was proud to show her to me.  Because I can’t speak Spanish, I just made a motion with my camera, asking if I could take her picture, she smiled as if to say sure, but could you take my picture too?  I did, and then let her see it…she smiled with a very timid face.

What if you could make life better for someone in need?  Love Universal and the Extreme Rescuer’s team, through persistence and tireless drive, are helping people feel less alone each and every day but not without support and prayers.  “We cannot do great things on this Earth, only small things, with great Love”.  Quote from Mother Teresa