About Us


Extreme Rescuer is a courageous, humanitarian movement, dedicated to rescuing impoverished and oppressed children from remote and overlooked locations around the world. We are capturing these efforts in a docu-reality broadcast and bringing their stories into the living rooms of people like you.

aboutus_03Our goal is to draft a larger team of Rescuers as our partners in this critical mission.  To us, awareness is a light, and that light can create change.  Change through the power of love and restoration.

Extreme Rescuer provides hope and assistance to people across the globe.  Our team joins hands with humanitarian communities to help rescue and improve the lives of deprived children and families in extreme locations and circumstances.


Damon comes from a long line of cause-related global influencers. With four generations of leaders in humanitarian aid and a focus on development of faith and family, Damon’s passion for the hurting, desperate and dying children of the world is woven into his DNA. Being an “Extreme Rescuer” is core to his commitment to go where most organizations will not, and to do what is necessary to recover children from the harshest conditions of poverty and starvation, ultimately saving their lives.

His experience of the conditions facing the innocent through recent missions to the dark of Africa, Central and South America and parts of Asia have sparked an unquenchable fire within Damon to continue the pursuit of Extreme Rescues, with a mantra that makes his crusade unique: “Send me or join me – our work is far from over and when the lives of children hang in the balance, every second counts.”


Damon Davis Bio

Damon is Chairman and CEO the largest full service advertising, marketing, and media-buying agency to ministries and non-profit organizations on the globe. Legacy Worldwide, Inc. is the continuation of a calling to serve ministries and non-profit organizations and help them grow through the power of media. The biggest and most prominent churches and television ministries in America entrusted their brand to the Davis family, including Joel Osteen, Dr. Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn and Feed The Children, to name a few.